“White girls were more noticeable in Indian wears” – Day 4 (Blogging challenge)

It was a bit less hot today, weather was some how good, If compared to last few days. I was taking a metro ride this afternoon, weather made a difference on faces and moods of people taking metro ride with me.
Resulting a good observation of people. For a change, people were looking pleasant, couples were having good time (sitting right in-front of my seat). I got a seat next to girl, busy in studying or behaving like studying so that guy sitting next to her(which was me) won’t disturb her.
Our seats were at the end of the compartment and there was a group of friends sitting on the floor of metro having good time.
People around them were actually noticing them, they were that loud. When i say noticing that doesn’t mean they were doing anything bad but they were having good time. That’s how they grabbed my attention and i started to observe them.
They were three people, two guys and a girl, sitting like a couple on one side tilting with the wall and single guy on the opposite side. This guy sitting opposite to the couple friend was teasing the other guy, by pressing him on different things that he had.
He started talking about the bracelet, this 2nd guy was wearing, pulling the bracelet, talking about the best part of it, thickness of it and then trying to snatch it with no bad intension. Anyways he could run out from moving metro train though.
All these while, the girl was trying to look happy. She had a smile on her face, although i could see that she wasn’t feeling good at all on her friend being teased by other friend.
Which, i guess an uncle sitting on the other side of next car could also notice. He had this cold face, that says “i should not do anything about this” But at the same time his eyes were reflecting his reactions.
Until all this happened, it was Rajiv chowk metro station, where i had to change my train so i deboarded the train.
Observation day didn’t want to come to an end so soon.
This metro car was full of people and i boarded from a busy station so i didn’t find a seat and i was standing near this group of girl and a guy being seated in-front of me.
As i got into the next metro train, i saw a group of 4 foreigner girls. They were english, i could figure out that by their accent, thanks to YouTube and my wanderlust.
Now, roaming in a metro train, wearing Indian clothing and making hair almost like an Indian girl was more than enough for everyone to notice them and so i did.
From their appearance, i could easily find that they have stayed in India for a few days by now. Although their shoes were not Indian, which means they haven’t spent long months, which I was assuming in begging.
A shy person, who wanted to see these white girls, but he was somehow not so confident or should i say, he wasn’t miserably ruthless, to stare those girls. A funny character which i couldn’t avoid but observe, right in-front of me was sometimes seeing those girls and then seeing himself, then checking out his biceps, doing a lot of shits or what not.
The thing which was more noticeable was that he boarded off with those girls, or it was just a co-incidence that they were heading towards chandni chowk.
Anyways i continued to travel further towards my destination in the same metro train.
That’s it for now.
– Peace ✌

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