“Traffic cop busted me on taking pictures” – Day 3 (Blogging challenge)

I just saw a famous picture on internet “flying car” and i wanted to make a pictures based on the same reference.
I have recently started working on making some long exposure pictures, so in matter of finding something interesting, i was googling on same context, when i found a recent post on a famous website, appreciating a picture of flying car. So this weekend while i went to meet a friend from my media institute, i spared some time before she could arrive for meeting to make pictures.
I stood on a foot over bridge to take some exposure, but because the quality of foot over bridge was not so good, it was actually wobbling because of people walking on the same bridge, thanks to cheap construction quality.
The kind of pictures i could get from the bridge was like this:
IMG_8243____    and


i didn’t get the kind of quality i wanted and apart from that the shots were not sharp and steady.
So, i had to get down on the road to take pictures. I could take only 2 or 3 shots until i got busted by a traffic cop, asking me for a press identification card. Of course i don’t work for press anymore, so how was i supposed to have any press id card. I said “i don’t have any press id card”, then cop told me to stop taking pictures and fold my tripod and camera.
To be frank he was speaking very rudely, i didn’t like that. So i asked him, “why can’t i take pictures here? It’s just a road, where people are going home and i just want to take picture of moving vehicles.” He said “For security reasons, you can’t take pictures here.”

Picture of location and cop(though cop was facing opposite side): IMG_8250___
I could not process this, i have worked for newspaper and media few years back, and in those years things were not the same, cops would not even give a shit, if anyone was taking a picture or anything. But definitely it wasn’t the case now. I thought that cop is being bothered because of some other reasons and to be true, i thought it was bullshit, why can’t i take a picture, so many people take selfies on roads and come-on it’s a digital era now. Technology revolution have changed everything, the way people think or behave.
But this cop was such a disappointment. I didn’t give up and decided to call Police help line “100” (in India), as i thought may be this cop was making fool of me.
So i called to “100” and it was a cop again. I explained him my situation and asked him “i want to take some pictures of moving traffic on a red light, but there is this traffic cop who is not allowing me to take pictures.” Cop said “Yes, because of security reasons you can not simply take pictures, you have take permission from nearer police station.” Being generous that cop told me “Why don’t you just move ahead a bit and make pictures, why do you want to take pictures on this cop’s face”
And i started laughing, i was like “lol”.
I appreciated his advice though i have no other choice, because i just got back to India & i was unaware of situations of now. Plus all these awhile i read on social medias, police cops abusing and behaving recklessly with media people. So i didn’t want to be beaten up or taken to police station or be a news on social media in next hour.
I moved not more than 200 meters from the spot and started taking pictures. I shot there for next 1 and half hours and that cop didn’t come to bust me again, thankfully.
So i could make some nice pictures.

Here are some pictures:

* Note – to buy these pictures – check gettyimages soon.

– – All right reserved for pictures.

That’s it for now.
– Peace


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  1. nyc , i like your story… keep it up 🙂


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