We don’t find girls for us – Day 1 (Blogging challenge)

Hey Guys,

Say-No-To-Girls-Facebook-Timeline-Cover-136It was a busy sunday morning, when i went to a mountain called Tapovan, which is very famous for being penance spot. Different Sages came here for their penance and made cottages and temples here.
Just a few days back i visited one of other mountain called Trikut Parvat, when i was there i saw a cave which claims to be penance cave for demon king Ravana but when i visited Tapovan, guides said that this place is famous for penance of Ravana and i got like, ‘what the heck’, different mouths different statements. I was not really satisfied with all these confusions about Ravana and decided to ask around for the truth.
Later the day, i got to know that demon king holds a significant place in the history of this city. BTW i belong to Baidyanath Dham, the city where 1 of the 12 Jyotirlings of lord shiva is established, a pilgrimage famous for the story of how demon king Ravana placed jyotirling in this city while he was taking this Kamna linga to his kingdom Lanka.
Back to the situation, Ravana actually set for penance at Tapovan maountain, where later Lord Hanuman came to disturb him from the penance. And then he broke this mountain by his Gada and make a crack in mountain and left his marks when asked to prove that if he actually succeed to disturb demon king from his penance by Sita. 

One of the interesting stories from Ramayana.

After i got back home, i dropped my bag and left to meet one of my college friend after a long time. We don’t live in our native city any more and moved to different countries and cities for our studies and work. So we barely meet, finally we met after a good two & half years.
While discussing about our lives and doings, we spoke about our weddings as all of us have grown up now and we are very much eligible bachelors ready to get married. But no one find a good girl to get married. We ended the discussion with the conclusion that there are not enough girls in the city.
Later, we went out for an evening walk and while getting back home, we saw 3 barats. One of the barat was just girls and very handful guys just 2 or 3 to be exact about the number. Me and my friend, we both looked at each other and started laughing on the fact that now we have started spotting guys but not girls.

Finding of the day –
We can also start to spot guys at an age, if things don’t go fine as expected by human.



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