Why do i repeat things? – A 30 days blogging challenge

Hey Guys,

I started to write blogs awhile back and posted about them on my facebook page so that people could see and give their views on my blogs.

Things worked and so many people saw my blogs (what facebook stats say), but very less people showed up on my blogs with likes or comments, that somehow made me think “why things are not working?”
While i see more comments and likes on blogs of other bloggers. It kind of bothered me, and i told myself – “may be i am a new bee here”. And then started looking for new bees and went back to my blog and checked profiles of bloggers liked my blogs and found that their are more people like me and they have more comments, likes and involvements on their blogs.
So i got back to the same place, “why things are not working? there are less or no likes, comments or involvements on my blogs?”
Then i started my brain storming session again and tried to come to a point where i could give a satisfactory answer to myself.
So, while i was looking for my answers, i started back from my old research and very soon i realised that i repeat things again and again but not find new things.

  1. My google chrome remembers all those questions which i was looking before about.
  2. I forget about topics that i have already read before.
  3. I don’t write all of my findings on everyday basis.

More informations on broader escapes create more confusions.

So i came to a decision that, if i want to write impactful blogs, i should write down my findings on everyday basis.

This “A 30 days blog challenge” is a step forward on the way to become a good blogger and give my best.
So if you see any of the notifications on any of my social media platform, then please show-up and consider to share your views, not necessarily only good views, but rude ones too. One learns from his mistakes, which some times he or she can’t realise by themselves.

Hope that made sense.
Looking forward to the betterment on my blogging.

— Peace


One Comment Add yours

  1. Nyc idea.. a challenge… all the best…
    Peace :).


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