Ropeway made it worth visit – Trikut Parvat, Deoghar

Trikut Parvat also known as Trikut Pahar or Triktachal Pahar, this is a 2470 feet high hill. The name Trikut was named because of Three (Tri) main peaks on the hill, formally called for Gods Bramha, Vishnu and Shiva. This place is situated 10 kms away from main city centre on the way to Dumka also knows as Dumka road. You will lots of monkeys jumping around the place, which is a special attraction for tourists. They feed them buiscuits and other things.


Sage Bam Bam Baba used to come here for penance at these hills, which somehow provoked other saints to come. Later Saint Swami Sampadananda(birth 14th Sept 1888, expired 25th June 1987) came here for meditation and Swami Dayananda established a cottage here in 1924. This cottage is still functional and statue of Swami Sampadananda is there.
In the month of Shravan, the devotees come here to collect wood apple leaves. There are numerous trees of wood apple. Hence this place is also called the Garden of Shiva
There is also a temple of Shiva at this place known as Trikutachal Mahadeva Temple. It is the mouth of river Mayurakshi. Here we also find an altar of the goddess of Trishuli. It is an attractive place with a cool stream flowing.

Rope way:

A rope way is most famous here it can be used to reach to the top of the hill. The hill is covered by clouds in rainy seasons and waterfalls and small streams can be seen from July–September. The view from top of mountain is stunning. Trikuth has many tourist all year round.
Going to the hill top will cost 115 Rs per person for a ropeway ticket. This rope way operates Monday to Sunday from 10 am to 4.30 pm. Each trip to the hill top is for 1 hour, that means one tourist gets only one hour to reach to hill top, see everything and come down. Going to top of hill on rope way takes roughly 8-9 mins.

Things to see at the hill:

  • Trikut Pahara – Bramha, Vishnu and Shiva
  • Hanuman Choti
  • Sita Maa’s Deep
  • Ravana’s airport
  • Shaligram
  • Ravana’s Cave or Gufa
  • Hathi Pahar
  • Naav Pathar – famous to take pictures

To see all these things, one might have to take helps from guides at the hills. Hiring a guide would cost anywhere between 160 to 260 Rs. depending on crowd and season.

Tip: keep a stick with you, to protect yourself from monkeys. But don’t harm monkeys, it’s an offence and one could get punished to do so.

There are few shops at Trikut Pahar for some shoppings like, handicrafts, medicated oils, pickles, hats and accessories, seasonal drinks, food stalls, etc.
Remember to buy water before you go to the rope way or towards the temples, hiking could be tiring at times.
There are some spots to chill and sit while hiking to hill and you can feed to monkeys too. You would find a small lake on the way but it’s not well maintained to go for a swim.
Main hill is well maintained and cleaned. There is a water stream of fresh drinking water. You can take stairs to hike up until the cottage of swami Dyananda and beyond.

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Hope these informations would help you during your visit.
Wish you a safe and happy trip.

Some pictures of Trikut Pahar:


Thank you.


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