Chandani chowk is one of the oldest markets of Old delhi. The market is situated near Red Fort(Lal quila). This market is always know for it’s cloth market and mainly people come here to shop sarees and kurtis, but there are lot more than just sarees and kurtis in this market.

This market has got Chinese market knows for wholesale chinese stuffs (which are clocks, toys – plastic and stuff toys, etc.) at very beginning of the main street.

Followed by cycle market ,where we can find different brands for kids, teen agers and regular ages} right after the china market.

The next stop is Photo market or Kuch choudhary market,where we can find camera equipments – SLR, DSLR, Video camera, Point and shoot, flash, studio lights, accessories, etc., photo papers, backgrounds, albums, camera bags and other things related to photography and film making}
Next stop is Dariba Kalan {where you can find all the jewelleries and accessories, you can also get idols of Gods made up of silver and gold, they varies in size though. This market was established in 17th century.

Within the same road, we can find Kinari Bazaar, ideal for wedding shopping, where we can find fabrics, ribbons, laces, zari borders, Parsi borders, etc, that’s not where list ends. There are many small shops which caters to fancy varmalas, favours and wedding accoutrement.
Walking down, right after Kirani bazaar is famous Paratha wali gali, mostly knows for it’s different recipes and ingredients for Parathas, i actually found people queuing up to get in (that was strange and funny at the same time).

After the food we move more steps and then we reached to the famous “Town hall” and right across the road is Nai sarak market, where we can find books, old & new. For every need – schools, universities, competitive exams preparations, novels, magazines, and the list goes on and on.

Walking further in Nai sarak were Maliwara and Jogiwara (main markets for sarees and kurtis), where was can find every kinds of clothes, which could be sarees, kurties, blouses, bridal wears, grooms wears, decorative stuffs for house and wedding seasons at very cheap price yet very elegant looks.

After Nai sarak is Ballimaran ,  a stop where everyone should stop by if they are footwear lover, this market is well renowned for the trending and fashionable cheap footwear made locally.

It was about to be sunset and without any further adieu we hit to Fatehpuri Market, where we can find wholesale shops for khoya and paneer. we can also find plenty of shops serving parathas, kulfi, aalo puri, chhole bhature and more.

So that was a brief about chandani chowk market where i could visit in one day. But it was not complete Chandani chowk market and maybe i would do a part 2 for this market.
While roaming around the market, i took some pictures with a traditional SLR camera (borrowed by my friend Manoj kumar) and i am sharing those pictures down below.

Hope you enjoy and like them.

To watch a video on this market, you can check out my youtube channel. The link is down below here:

Any comments on pictures or blog is most welcome.



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  1. good effort and i think i have seen video of same made by you on utube… :)..kool


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